Experiential Learning in Lisbon for Medical Students and Professionals


€ 250


2 weeks

About the Institution

CHULC is a training and research medical institute comprised of six hospitals with their

respective specialities located in Lisbon, Portugal.

Saint Joseph Hospital is a training and research hospital as well as a Referral Centre in Surgery and Emergency Bank in Lisbon, Portugal.

Hospital Santo Antonio dos Capuchos has unique services at the Centre such as Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Haematology, Neurology and Oncology, all of which were pioneer units in the country in terms of their respective specialities.

Santa Marta Hospital is a reference centre for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in Portugal.

Dona Estefania Hospital is a hospital rich in history, highlighting the history of Paediatrics in Portugal.

Curry Cabral Hospital is a multi-speciality hospital and is a Reference Centre in Infectious Diseases.

Dr Alfredo da Costa Maternity is a training and research hospital in Maternal Health and Perinatal Medicine.

CHULC Key Figures: Health Professionals 8, 316

TSDT 693 Doctors 1, 084

Senior Technicians 135 Nurses 2, 751

Superior Health Technicians 76 Auxiliary Staff 2, 091

Managers 47 Training Doctors 619 Clerks 778 The direct influence área of the CHULC is composed of 13 of the 24 parishes of the Lisbon district and by 1 of 10 parishes of the Loures district. The residents' population is up to 293,000 inhabitants, with ageing and total dependency rates well above the national average. A very significant percentage of the people of migrants, and in terms of the secondary reference area, CHULC responds to 1.8 million inhabitants. The hospital offers Clerkship and Fellowship Programs through Observation to all Professionals in Health Sciences. The Experiential Learning Program provides you with an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in Portugal's healthcare setting, practices, and standards. At the same time, you enjoy the cultural experiences and sceneries in the country. Whether you are a medical professional or an executive in the health care and pharma industries, this is your opportunity to learn directly from a healthcare provider tailored to your learning goals. Duration of the Program:

  • Minimum of two weeks (and can be longer)

General Requirements:

  • Application (with complete requirements)

  • Valid Travel Visa to Portugal

  • International Personal Health Insurance valid in Portugal (must be valid during the whole training period)

  • Vaccination Certificate according to EU Requirements

  • Good manners and ethical behaviour aligned to the standards in the Healthcare industry

*Open to Individual and Group registrations (Students, Medical Professionals and Executives in health-related industries).

*The current training duration can be extended with extra costs.

*Accommodation and meals are not included. An accommodation cost estimate is available upon request.

Questions? Email us at contact@cmex.global

About the Program

Centro Hospitalar Universitario De Lisboa Central (CHULC)

Open to Individual and Group registrations (Students, Medical Professionals and Executives in health-related industries)

Centro Hospitalar Universitario De Lisboa Central (CHULC)