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Experiential Learning Program

Learn up-to-date practices, standards and real-time developments across fields and industries. Whether it`s to strengthen your knowledge more in-depth within your current field or to broaden your perspectives and learn how practices from one field to another are interrelated - our Experiential Learning Programs in collaboration with private and public institutions and organisations can help you achieve your learning objectives.  

Swiss Medical Center

Raemistrasse 6, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland

 Tel. +41 44 555 5010

Experience the day-to-day operations and practice of an Outpatient Clinic in the heart of Zurich.


From preventive, diagnostic, and day treatment procedures - you will be able to observe and gain perspective both from the patient and health care provider.  


Zurich, as one of the dynamic cities in the world - you will get to immerse yourself with the real-time practices, challenges, developments and opportunities in health care delivery, globally. 

Interested? Contact us to learn more. 

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