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Bridging learning gaps, sharing best practices and standards, and implementing coordinated engagement among allied professionals have never been as crucial as ever before.


CMEx is a platform that is dedicated to promoting Medical Education programs provided by leading teaching and research institutes around the world. Thus, CMEx systematically facilitates the transfer and exchange of knowledge and skills among medical and non-medical professionals, students and stakeholders, institutions, and industries, worldwide.


Real-world practise; real-world education, across geographies.


We want to invite you to collaborate with us as part of the selected Leaders in your field.

A. Be a Mentor (local, regional, and global)


Your vast experience in the field as a leader, practitioner and researcher make you a credible, highly respected Mentor.


A Junior Doctor, a Rising Professional, Senior Manager or a Leader in another field who would like to learn from you around your area of expertise - allow them to have an opportunity to request a session with you as a Mentor.

This method of learning is self-directed and an initiative of the paying Mentee.


The Session can be individual or as a group of 10 maximum, according to your preferred schedule.


You can indicate your rates according to:

  • Hourly (individual)

  • Hourly (group, 10 max)

  • Daily Engagement


B. Be an International Speaker/Trainer


International Medical Societies, Secondary Hospitals, Medical Universities and Private companies with pre-determined learning objectives can request your availability to be their International Guest Speaker/Trainer.


This program starts with 25 participants and more.


You can indicate your rates according to:

  • Hourly

  • Per engagement, up to 6 hrs, daily

Share your expertise with the world and be a provider now. 

C. Be a Program Provider with your Clinic/Department/Hospital


As a training institution, you have high-quality training programs and content. You have vast knowledge, experience and expertise to share for the advancement in healthcare globally.

We can promote your programs on our platform to get accessed by learners who are keen to develop and progress in their professional education.

The proceeds from these programs can be an added resource to your department/institution for your R&D and other initiatives.


Your hospital/department has active learning activities, you can "host" the following programs to actively share your knowledge, research and initiatives with the other departments and industries, across the world.


  • Fellowship Programs

  • Experiential Learning, wherein participants learn through immersion with your clinic/department

  • Grand Round Meetings with participants as Observers

  • Joint Meeting/Training with other institutions (with pre-determined learning outcomes)

  • Personalized Learning, wherein participants have pre-determined learning goals while learning with your department.

  • Department-initiated Continuing Education programs

  • Mentorship Program

  • Customized Workshops

  • Internship and Clerkship Programs

  • Hospital Tours (In-person)


You can set the respective fees and terms, including the standard requirements, rules, and limitations.

Be a Course Provider

Promote your courses with us for free. Submit the details here.

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