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Dr Florina Silvia Iliescu, PhD, MD, BsN

Biomedical education to teaching, curriculum design and lab set up

  • 1 hour
  • Online


Languages: English, Romanian Dr Florina has a robust medical background - from Nursing, Medical Degree (MD) to PhD in Medicine, applied to research and biomedical education. She conducted her research activity in biomedical applied to the microtechnology domain. Dr Florina has more than 12 years of experience in Problem Based Learning (PBL) pedagogy as a Senior Lecturer in tertiary level education: certified and Problem Based Learning Trainer and in Adult Training and Assessment (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) in Biomedical Science programs. Her work covers biomedical educational fields with contributions to research, teaching, coaching/mentoring, curriculum design, laboratory set-up. Dr Florina has professional experience both in Singapore and Romania.

Cancellation Policy

The Mentors are very busy professionals. They have their primary commitments associated with their roles and responsibilities in their respective fields. Utmost respect to the Mentors` time is strictly necessary. The Cancellation Fees are as follows: - 15% of the total amount if it is more than 30 days from the agreed session date - 30% of the total amount if it is 15 days from the agreed session - 80% of the total amount, if less than 15 days from the agreed session - Fees are not applicable if the conflict is from the Mentor`s end. Rescheduled sessions have a 20% added fee. Agreed sessions can only be rescheduled twice unless there is an exceptional reason and weighed per case basis. Missed sessions are non-refundable, except for a few exceptional reasons. A 30% refund for missed sessions with valid reasons (weighed per case basis).

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