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Available Specialties Open for Customised Programs 

  • Department and Research of Head-Neck and Muscle-Skeletal Oncological Pathways

    • ​ Oncological Orthopedics

    • Thyroid Oncological Surgery

    • Clinical Experimental Head-Neck and Musculoskeletal Oncology

    • Maxillofacial Surgery and ENT

  • Department and Research of Oncological Pathways of the Thoracic District

    • ​Oncology Experimental for Breast
      Cancer Surgery

    • Clinical Oncology Experimental Thoraco-Pulmonary

    • Thoracic Surgery

    • Breast Surgery - Day Surgery

  • Department and Research of oncological pathways of the Abdominal District

    • ​General Abdominal Surgery

    • Clinical Experimental Oncology Abdomen

    • Colon-Rectal Oncological Surgery

    • Hepato-Biliary Oncology

    • Surgery of the 3rd level of Colorectal Screening

    • Surgery-GastroPancreatic

  • Department and Research of the Oncological Pathways of the Urogenital District

    • ​Clinical Experimental Uro-Gynecological Oncology

    • Oncological Urology

    • Oncological Gynecology

  • Department and Research of Hematology and Innovative Therapies

    • ​Interventional Radiology

    • Nuclear Medicine and Metabolic Therapy

    • Oncological Hematology

    • Experimental Clinical Oncology Melanoma Immunotherapy and Innovative Therapies

  • Department of Transfusion Medicine Support Department for Oncological Pathways Clinical Activities and Critical Area

    • ​Radiotherapy

    • Cardiology

    • Anaesthesia and Resuscitation

    • Rehabilitation Medicine

    • Dietology and Artificial Nutrition

  • Department of Support to Oncological Pathways Diagnostic Area

    • ​Pathological Anatomy and Cytopathology

    • Laboratory Medicine

    • Radiodiagnostics

  • Department of Translational Research to Support Oncological Pathways

    • ​Cell Biology and Biotherapies

    • Molecular Biology and Viral oncogenesis

    • Experimental Pharmacology

    • Functional Genomics

    • Clinical Trials


Istituto Nazional dei Tumori Pascale is open to provide tailored programs according to the learning objectives and needs of your hospital/department/individual healthcare practitioner.

Co-organized by Proxymm Science and CMEx 

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